Animation Movie Portfolio

In our literary informative series, we present well-known Hungarian writers and poets – Their stories about football are told, what they speak of comes to life in animation.

Even before the outbreak of the Second World War, the officials of the Bank of Hungary were already working on how to protect the Hungarian gold reserve, the Holy Crown and other national treasures from foreign powers.

At the end of the war, the officials of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank managed to escape German and Soviet plundering and to flee to Spital am Pyhrn, a small Austrian mountain village, the assets of the Central Bank and the Hungarian state: 600 crates, 30 tons of gold reserves, banknotes and documents.

Sándor Kopátsy would be 100 years old today! „Nature, morality, knowledge, talent. The value and efficiency of societies is expressed by the product of these four factors. This is already the case today, but it will be even more so in the future.” – taught by one of the most decisive Hungarian economists of the past century.

Celebrating the 230th year since the statesman, Széchenyi István, the so called „greatest hungarian” was born.

Sándor Lámfalussy the „wiseman of the Euro” was born in Hungary and always remained Hungarian at heart. We tell the story of his adventurous life, his organizing power and his love of peace that pervades the whole of Europe in an animated film.

With our film, we undertake to explore the life of this brilliant creator through his works. We present his artistic development, homesickness, and struggles. With the help of contemporary photographs, we place his figures in everyday situations, as they walk the streets of Paris, take a nap on the bench, flirt, stare, live their everyday lives…