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Happy New Year Hungary , fiction-documentary 2019

On New Year’s Eve 1989, Eastern Europe reached a historic turning point. Communist dictatorships collapsed one by one. Only in Romania were the guns ringing out, where the hated dictator was executed by the rebels on those very days. Everyone was excited to see what new world, what new life, the new year would bring.
In Hungary, a successful film crew gathered in Kádár’s former villa to bid farewell to the new year and celebrate the new possibilities. But before the clock struck midnight, the dark shadows of the past unexpectedly appeared and called into question the beautiful future.
What would the new year bring and what would be to toast? Will the truth of power prevail, or the power of truth?

„You will live too”, fiction-documentary 2022

Anti-Nazi and anti-communist; the national secretary of the popular student organization between the two wars, the Keresztyén Youth Association (KIE); He is a broad-minded Hungarian patriot who plans the European Union – but above all, he is a deeply religious Reformed person. István Pógyor was arrested seventy years ago, on June 7, 1951, by the State Defense Authority, and then on false charges
he was sentenced to a long prison term. He was never released again, and died in captivity in 1953 as a result of abuse.

The last speech of Kádár, opera fiction based on true events, 2016

A piece by the Hungarian State Opera. On April 12, 1989, János Kádár unexpectedly spoke at the closed meeting of the Central Committee of the MSZMP. Shortly before the regime change, the then 77-year-old party secretary tried to account for his role and responsibility in what happened after 1945. His rambling, often almost incoherent speech is hunched over by the weight of old sins, and between the many silences and side conversations, reality filters in with its horror. Kádár’s split consciousness summons his two dreaded demons, Rajko and Imré Nagy, who also appear on stage. Behind the authentic historical text evoking Shakespeare’s royal dramas, a set is built from archival films and audio recordings of the time to make it clear: history is the cruelest and most just director.
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, the chamber drama based on the last speech will be staged at the special location of the Opera House.