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Emlékezet / Memory, documentary 2020

The starting point of the film is the revolutionary discovery by Hungarian researchers of a pathway of memory traces between the hippocampus and the frontal lobe.

The theme of our film is the evolution of human memory and the brain that distinguishes us from other mammals. In parallel, we present Google’s DeepMind project, the similarites, pathways between AI (artificial intelligence) and humans.

Happy New Year Hungary , fiction-documentary 2019

On New Year’s Eve 1989, Eastern Europe reached a historic turning point. Communist dictatorships collapsed one by one. Only in Romania were the guns ringing out, where the hated dictator was executed by the rebels on those very days. Everyone was excited to see what new world, what new life, the new year would bring.
In Hungary, a successful film crew gathered in Kádár’s former villa to bid farewell to the new year and celebrate the new possibilities. But before the clock struck midnight, the dark shadows of the past unexpectedly appeared and called into question the beautiful future.
What would the new year bring and what would be to toast? Will the truth of power prevail, or the power of truth?

Golden train, animation 2022

Even before the outbreak of the Second World War, the officials of the Bank of Hungary were already working on how to protect the Hungarian gold reserve, the Holy Crown and other national treasures from foreign powers.

At the end of the war, the officials of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank managed to escape German and Soviet plundering and to flee to Spital am Pyhrn, a small Austrian mountain village, the assets of the Central Bank and the Hungarian state: 600 crates, 30 tons of gold reserves, banknotes and documents.

Flow, documentary 2015

This film was inspired by the book “Flow”, written by the Hungarian émigré Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. The model suggested by Csíkszentmihály aims at uncovering the secret of true happiness in a book loved many around the globe. His hypothesis states that a varied selection if activities (work, art, play, study) and impulses can create a sensation that he simply calls “flow”. This film follows the spark of his original as it smoulders, sizzles and eventually bursts into fabulous flames.

Crime unpunished, documentary 2010

Béla Biszku was one of the leaders of the reprisals after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence. As Minister of the Interior, he led the purges and bloody crackdown on freedom fighters. Since the democratic change of regime, Béla Biszku has lived in seclusion and has never spoken about his past actions. The film’s two creators donned disguises and, as enthusiastic locals, rang the bell to the once-feared interior minister. Luring out the retaliator hiding in retreat has shed light to the inner workings of his mind, and how he copes with the past. Watch our multiple award film.

Black Goldrush, documentary 2015

A handful of wily criminals stumbled upon a loophole in legislation and began the business of oil bleaching. Storage tanks excavated from the sandy soil of the Hungarian Plain were used to “wash” millions of litres of fuel. Those with their wits about them were soon able to sit back and enjoy their ill-gotten gains, while the less successful got locked behind bars for their sins. The Wild West – Hungarian style!

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One Legend, Two Nations

Documentary about Bölöni László, legendary hungarian-romanian football coach. Winner of the european champions cup, the coach who discovered the young Christiano Ronaldo.


Fiction-documentary about Anna Kéthly and Margit Sclachta the first women representatives in the hungarian National Assembly.

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